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Welding By Outlaw Land Clearing & Fencing


Outlaw Construction and has multiple welding machine to help us complete your project such as:

  • Pipe gates
  • Pipe fences
  • Custom entryways
  • Custom gates
  • Rod iron fences
  • H braces
  • Corner braces
  • Cattle working pens
  • Livestock working areas
  • Sheds
  • Barns
  • Shops

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A Variety of Options

We do all types of pipe and iron fences some include:

  • Square tubing fencing
  • Pipe and sucker rod feces
  • 3 and 4 rail pipe fences
  • Top rail with woven wire fences
Make A Statment

Make A Statment

When buying a new property or developing a place nothing looks better than a nice entry way or a pipe fence. Not only does it look satisfying but it also give you something that will last and offer maximum security. Our custom entrances and gates  can be built  as simple or as elaborate as you can dream. When building gates and entry it sets the tone for the place. Let us help you raise the bar.