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Pond and Lake Excavating & Construction Texas

Texas Pond and Lake Construction

Outlaw Construction has the right team and equipment for whatever kind of pond, lake, or water storage excavating & construction needs you have, such as:

  • Recreational lakes
  • Fishing lakes
  • Cattle ponds
  • Irrigation lakes
  • HOA ponds
  • Retention ponds for water drainage issues
  • Soil conservation ponds
  • More...

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Texas Pond Builders

Private Pond & Lake Builders

We have been building private ponds in Texas for many years, and each project has its own unique challenges and nuances. We specialize in custom pond builds to meet those individual needs, whether it be a backyard pond build, an HOA recreational lake or retention pond, or an irrigation lake on your farm.

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Bass Pond Builders in Texas

Texas Bass Lake & Fishing Pond Builds

As avid fishermen and experienced pond builders, we know how to build a fishing pond both from a construction and a usability perspective. We can help you build a custom bass lake with proper structure, contours, and bank layout to not only create a healthy ecosystem for your fish but also a body of water that is suited for quality fishing from the bank, or from a boat.

If you have a specific vision for your fishing pond build, we will work with you to bring that vision to life while also offering our expert advice to make your dream fishing pond even better.

Irrigation Lake Contractors

Irrigation Lakes & Soil Conservation Ponds

Outlaw Constructions works with farmers all across Texas to fulfill their pond/lake building needs. Having well-built irrigation lakes is extremely important for productive farming, but they can also be extremely costly if done incorrectly. Our team of excavators has learned the ins and outs of water tank construction over the years, and we understand the science of creating an irrigation lake with the perfect depth, retention system, and leak-proofing. These ponds always require some ongoing maintenance, but they are a lifeline for farmers and we are here to help.

Soil conservation ponds/lakes are also very important for maintaining the integrity of your land and minimizing the impact of erosion. When built correctly and in the right spot, these sediment ponds capture stormwater surface runoff and sediments and improve water quality.

We are often called in to fix or replace work that was done incorrectly, so save yourself the trouble and start with the best!

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Texas Waterfowl Ponds

Texas Hunting Pond Construction

As experienced dirt contractors and excavators, as well as waterfowl hunters and outfitters, Outlaw Construction has the knowledge and equipment needed to build some of the best waterfowl wetland habitat and duck hunting ponds in Texas. Reach out to us to start planning before next hunting season!

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Affordable Pond Builds in TX

We Build Ponds Efficiently

At Outlaw Construction, we build ponds a little differently. Our experience has taught us that tractors and scrapers are the most efficient pieces of equipment for building ponds/lakes. Tractors are bulk dirt movers that are more efficient than a bulldozer and better for compacting, which means less leakage. We also haul dirt pans behind our tractors that plow and collect the dirt at the same time, allowing us to move a lot of earth fast and efficiently. This method and equipment choice ultimately eliminates a lot of equipment, and a lot of time, which means we can build our ponds faster and more affordably than other contractors.

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